Mother’s Day Card Writing Tips

Mother’s Day is a special and important day to most of us. It’s a day we can celebrate Mum and show her how thankful we are for her support (and endless cups of tea) over the years. However, sometimes it can be difficult to write a card that truly expresses your gratitude, which is why we’ve taken a moment to put together our best card writing tips just for you!

  1. DREAM.
    Before putting pen to paper, set aside 30 minutes to reflect on the love you share, and what dreams and plans you’re most looking forward to achieving with them. It’s also a good time to make a list of all the little things you love about them that make them unique!
  2. DO.
    There’s only one chance to write on your Mother’s Day card, so be sure to have a notebook and pen handy to practise what you want to write beforehand. It will also allow you to space out the card beautifully and avoid any awkward squished writing at the bottom!
  3. ENJOY.
    When it comes to card writing taking the time to dream, and then do, will help you to discover how much joy you can achieve. Also, did you know expressing gratitude can help you improve your well-being and happiness? So there’s really no negative outcome from writing a meaningful card (for you or the receiver!)
  4. SHARE.
    Time to present your card to the receiver! Collectively, the team at kikki.K have all agreed that their favourite part of writing a lovely card is watching the receiver’s emotional reaction to what you’ve written.

Still feeling a little stuck for ideas to write in your Mother’s Day card? We’ve curated a few prompts to help get you started!

What is a dream you have for your Mum? Perhaps it’s to travel Europe together? Or for her to begin that short-course she’s always had her eye on? 

What is a tradition your Mum has shared with you that you’re thankful for? Are you planning to pass on the tradition to your own children?

What are two things that spring to mind about your Mum when you think about growing up? 

When you think about your Mum, what makes you smile the most? Is it her laughter? Her hugs? Her sense of humour? 

What are three things you admire the most? Perhaps it’s her kindness, craftiness or endless source of happiness?

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