Midsommar Traditions

In Sweden the winters are so dark, that when summer rolls around, it’s time for celebration. In the south of Sweden, during the height of summer, the sun only sets for an hour or two, while in the north of Sweden, the sun never sleeps.

Midsommar (Midsummer) is a much-loved tradition celebrated all over Sweden and falls on the Friday between 19-25 June.

Here’s a glimpse into what Midsommar entails…


What’s a celebration with delicious food and drinks to accompany it? Traditionally, a Midsommar smörgåsbord includes pickled herring, boiled potatoes, meat and other delicious extras, all accompanied with schnapps. To finish Swedes enjoy the first strawberries of the season with fresh cream. We’ve put together a new update on Jordgubbstårta (Swedish Strawberry Cake) – find our recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes here.


The maypole is a long standing tradition. Children dance around the maypole wearing handmade wreaths of flowers, while friends and family look on.


There’s a sweet Midsommar myth that says if a girl picks seven different flowers on her way home from the night’s festivities and places them under her pillow, that night when she drifts asleep, she will dream of her future spouse…

Celebrate Midsommar and don’t be afraid to create your own traditions. Get started and find the recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes here.

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