Meal Planning Tips For The Whole Family

It’s incredible what a difference a moment of planning can make to our lives. Here at kikki.K, we believe meal planning and better organisation can help anyone enjoy a more balanced diet, as well as making more time for the moments that matter. That’s why we’re sharing our best Hemlagat (Swedish for ‘home cooking’) and meal planning tips with you!

Think weekly
Whichever day you decide to meal plan, it helps to think about the week as a whole. That way, you won’t get to the weekend and decide to order take-out again! We love keeping notes of cooking inspiration to help us plan our meals for the week using our Weekly Planner Pads.

We also recommend trying to cook meals with similar ingredients each week to lower costs and also lower food waste.

Create a Personalised Recipe Album
While trying new and exciting recipes, there’s nothing quite like a family recipe for the ultimate in comfort and nostalgia. Curate your favourite recipes that have been passed down (or ones that you’d like to pass down) and create a personalised keepsake and recipe album with our DIY Albums.

Keep a shopping list
There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a recipe and then realising you’re out of a pantry staple. Keep a shopping list in your kitchen (again, on the fridge works best) and write down your needed ingredient before it actually runs out. Whoever is heading to the grocery store next can just grab the list and pick up everything on it. If for whatever reason you can’t get that item, don’t forget to write it back down on the list pad for the next trip.

Prepare to snack
It’s so easy to be foiled by last minute snacking choices. Rather than reaching for a bag of chips at 3pm, make sure you have something healthy already planned, like nuts, fruit or a homemade, low-sugar slice.

Shop local
Is there a local market you can visit or organise a weekly delivery box with for your fruit and veg? Often this is a much-more cost effective way to shop and the produce is often fresher and better quality. Take a shopping tote and love stocking up on delicious fresh produce as isolation restrictions allow you to. Local butchers and fish mongers are also a much better choice than the local supermarket. Build a rapport with the staff and let them guide you to the healthiest, most cost-effective cuts.

Get the whole family involved
Meal planning should never just sit with one person if you’re cooking for your family. Get everyone excited about cooking by involving each person in researching and choosing recipes. Be sure to get kids helping out in the kitchen as soon as they’re able to, even if it’s just by stirring (and tasting) the pasta sauce! Healthy eating and cooking skills start at home, after all.

What are you meal planning tips? Be sure to share them with us on social media.

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