Make Time for a Planner Check In

Whether you’re new to Planning or you’ve been using your favourite one for a while now, it’s always a great idea to check in to make sure you’re getting the most out of your set-up.  Taking an hour or two to get organised properly can save you so much time in the long run. You’ll love the feeling of opening your gorgeous Planner each day and having everything you need right at your fingertips. To inspire you to check in with your Planner, here are some ideas using our pretty Be Brave Planner.

You’ll Need…

Be Brave Planner
DIY Sticker Book
Adhesive Note Set with Box
Vision Board Kit
Stationery Kit

Make Time for a Planner Check In

Get the most out of each section

Our Time Planners come with labelled sections so you can easily keep key information to hand. However you might find that after a few weeks, some are in constant use but some are rarely touched.  Think about the things you need to use day-to-day and consider adding our Personal Planner Refill Pages, relabeling your dividers to customise them to your needs. For example you might have an important weekly meeting and want a section just for that or you might want a section for health and fitness goals. Make your Planner work for you, by having a set up that matches your day-to-day life, whatever that looks like.

Make Time for a Planner Check In

Check in with your Calendar Pages

There’s nothing worse than rushing from appointment to appointment, with no time to focus on what really matters. Take control of your Calendar to make the most of your time, ensuring you are leaving enough space for creative thinking and to actually get things done. You could even schedule in a time each day to sit, without emails or phones, and really focus on projects. Another tip we love is to use Adhesive Notes to schedule in any really important appointments and to dos. That way, they’re easy to see at a glance and you won’t forget about them.

Make Time for a Planner Check In

Make the most of your To Do List

We love keeping a To Do List in the front of our Planner to instantly see our tasks for the day ahead. Why not use yours to write down 3 key priorities for the day ahead? That way you can keep a more complete To Do List elsewhere in your Planner but will know what you need to focus on right now. It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you focus on getting the important things done first rather than getting distracted with smaller tasks and emails.

We hope these tips inspire you to check in with your Planner set up. Discover our beautiful collection of Personal and Time Planners here.

Make Time for a Planner Check In

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