#30: Lucy Sheridan – Trusting Your Intuition, Learning from Comparison & Positive Social Media Use with The Comparison Coach – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina chats with the world’s first and only Comparison Coach, Lucy Sheridan, who dedicates her time to helping people all over the world go from a ‘compare and despair’ state of mind to #comparisonfree in their life. Join them as they discuss how to manage this growing ‘comparison’ epidemic, the importance of being true to yourself, how to embrace your social media feed in a way that will strengthen your self-belief, and so much more!

Lucy believes the power-couple of social media and technology has caused a comparison epidemic, where an increase in content – and access to that content – has created a world of constant comparison, which can be hugely damaging to us as individuals.

The one thing that unites all of Lucy’s clients, whether they are a pop star or a pub owner, is that they share a desire to live on their own terms, pursuing their own version of happiness.

But how did she get into this world of Comparison Coaching? Well, not too long ago, Lucy found herself crippled with self-doubt and low confidence. She found herself haunted by comparison, which was always teamed with jealousy, insecurity, procrastination, self-sabotage and the list went on.

Then one day, she decided that if it was possible to think and feel her way into a comparison trap, then she could think and feel herself out of it. And so, her journey from compare and despair to a #comparisonfree life began.

Not only does Lucy now dedicate her time to helping others discover a comparison-free life, but she is also about to release her first book – The Comparison Cure – this December. So, keep your eyes out for that!

I’m sure there are many of you listening who can relate to this constant comparison we put ourselves through, which is we’re so excited for you to hear this wonderful chat.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The incredible power of your mind and self-belief in helping you change the way you approach life
  • How you can manage your social media feeds in a way that will strengthen your self-belief and light you up, rather than bring you down
  • That through comparison, we have the opportunity to gain something if we stop and ask ourselves, what is this comparison trying to teach me?
  • The power of visualisation and manifesting what you want in life
  • The importance of being honest to your true self, trusting your intuition, listening to your instincts and letting them guide your decisions
  • The importance of planning your time in an aligned and nourishing way, making time for what’s important to you
  • The strength you will gain from positive relationships and surrounding yourself with the right people, and so much more!

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‘I especially loved Lucy’s ideas on social media and how we can use it as a positive tool, and manage it in a smart way, rather than avoiding it altogether. Which I truly believe, in this modern world, is a much more realistic approach.’ – Kristina Karlsson

‘I also loved how aligned we are on the idea that life is too short not to be living a life that makes you happy – and that you have to really think about what you want in life, and make sure you go and chase that!’ – Kristina Karlsson



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Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers