Love is Love

Life is better when everyone is accepted and loved no matter their age, race, gender or sexual orientation. Since kikki.K began, we’ve wholeheartedly supported diversity in the workforce and we recognise the rights of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTQI) employees to live and work, free of prejudice and discrimination, with all the essential freedoms enjoyed by other members of our kikki.K family.

Perhaps due to our Swedish heritage – or maybe just common sense – we’ve always hired whoever we feel best equipped for any given role regardless of gender or sexuality.

Yes Quote

As a business fuelled by creativity and innovation we’ve always naturally been attracted to diversity in all respects. We share a love for our vision and purpose, a love for putting our guests first, a love for our product, a love of learning and personal development, and a love for the power of collaboration and teams – and really, nothing else should matter.

That’s why we’re proud to support the Yes vote for marriage equality in Australia, having first sent an open letter to the campaign in 2015, which you can read here. We’re passionate about continuing this support and campaigning for equal human rights, not just for kikki.K Team Members, but for everybody.

So please join us is voting YES and spread the word to your friends. Let’s each do our part to make all Australians feel accepted and loved.

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