#15: Lily Simpson – Trusting Your Instincts, Making Healthy Choices & Visualising with The Detox Kitchen Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast

Join Kristina as she speaks with the wonderfully instinct-driven Lily Simpson – a busy mother, businesswoman, Instagram sensation and wellness guru whose London-based healthy food delivery venture – The Detox Kitchen – is changing the way we look at convenient food delivery services for the better.

Frustrated and concerned by the amount of processed, fast foods available, Lily’s mission is to get more people eating and enjoying healthy food and to change the relationship people have with food – teaching them that their choices not only impact weight and inner health, but how the food we eat can affect every aspect of our lives.

After starting out studying Real Estate Management and dabbling in the catering industry in her 20s, Lily discovered where her passion lied after realising there was a huge gap for healthy, real food in the delivery industry.

She began catering real food with real ingredients to close friends and family and eventually developed her wonderful business into The Detox Kitchen known and loved around the UK today, taking the stress out of planning and eating well.

With very clear core values around real food, sustainability and respect, Lily lives her life – and runs her business – with these always at front of mind. Inching ever closer to her dream of a world where there are no processed foods available.

When asked how she makes it all work, being a busy mother and business owner, Lily simply says it’s about being honest and open with your family, friends and employees, working hard and just knuckling down to get stuff done.

Driven by a passion to see people transform their lives, and live a happier, healthier existence, Lily’s hard work and determination is truly inspiring.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • Incredible, yet simple tips for living a healthier life
  • How to draw inspiration from the people around you and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can help you achieve your dreams
  • The importance of trusting your instincts, going with your gut and following your heart
  • The power of visualisation and really committing to what you want to achieve
  • How living a life aligned with your values can help you make the right choices, and continually help you to ask the right questions in life and business
  • The power of reducing your phone and screen time, and how to commit to non-negotiables when it comes to self-care and family, and so much more! 


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‘One of the most inspiring things I took from our chat was that no matter what your goal or dream is, it’s vital to think about the actions you’ll need to take to achieve it.
It’s not enough to just have a dream, we must consider all the ways we can make our dreams happen, and then work hard to make them a reality.’ Kristina Karlsson


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Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers