How to Wrap with Lily Pebbles

For the final part of our inspiring video series, we’re so thrilled to have UK based blogger and YouTuber Lily Pebbles sharing her favourite gift and wrapping ideas. Watch our film to see what gifts Lily is sending to her loved ones this Christmas.

What are your top tips for making your Christmas gifts personal and meaningful?
I think instead of just picking your favourite wrapping paper and ribbons, it’s nice to think about what they will like. Maybe they have a favourite colour or print that you can incorporate into the wrapping. I also think it’s really nice and sentimental to pick out a tree ornament to tie to the present for them to keep and hang on their tree.

Why is wrapping your gifts in style important to you?
I think if you’ve gone to the trouble to pick out a special gift then why not make the whole experience of receiving it special. For me, it’s not just about the present, the joy starts from when it’s handed to you and a beautifully wrapped present makes you feel really special. Like you were worth spending time on.

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Who are you most excited to treat to a gorgeous gift this Christmas?
I love buying presents for my mum because she has the same taste as me, so it’s fun to shop for her and I usually get it right!

What activities are you most looking forward to enjoying this Christmas?
I usually like to go ice skating with my friends in December but my favourite part of Christmas is on the day itself, in the evening when we play games and eat leftovers. It’s just so chilled!

What are your top tips for embracing more joy over the holidays?
Set some boundaries and learn how to switch off if you can. Turn notifications off your emails, move your social media apps to the back of your phone and spend some quality time with family and friends.

With such a busy schedule and lots of Christmas prep to be done, how do you stay organised?
I tend to be a little bit of a last minute shopper but I am a list maker so during the few months leading up to Christmas I keep a list on my phone and add any ideas I see so I have something to refer to when shopping in December.

How to wrap with Lily Pebbles

What’s your favourite piece of kikki.K stationery or a Christmas gift you’d love for yourself?
As someone who travels a lot, I really love the personalised passport holders and I think they made a really thoughtful gift.

What’s your favourite kikki.K gift you’re giving to someone else this Christmas?
For my niece I’m giving her a really cute kikki.K diary and keyring. I loved keeping a diary when I was little, so I think she’ll enjoy writing down her thoughts and locking them up for only her to see.

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