Let the Little Moments Bring You the Biggest Joy with our Latest Collection

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, the good, the great and all sorts of events and milestones, but where the real beauty lies is in the little moments, the seemingly ordinary times that make up each day – the ones we often take for granted. Let our latest collection remind you to slow down and enjoy these Little Moments, whatever they may be, through the beautiful hand-illustrated graphics, sweet quotes and sayings in a super-sweet colour scheme.

From Planners and Planner Accessories to Journals, Teapot Sets and beautiful Planter Pots to add a little style to your every day, this gorgeous collection is a Little Moment in itself.

This beautiful collection is a celebration of the Little Moments that really do make life big, as well as a call to be kinder to yourself and savour each moment. The world has been through a unique and unprecedented time of late, which has been an important reminder for us all to treasure the good times, no matter how small they may be.

Make hydration a Little Moment for you with the gorgeous vessels in this new collection. Whether you’re on-the-go or taking a moment for yourself at your desk, make it special and enjoy the moment.

Whether that’s reading a book for 10 minutes, getting caught in the rain and having to run and laugh your way to shelter, a soothing cup of tea in your very full schedule, seeking silver linings in a challenging time, a moment to yourself for some yoga, journaling or even relaxing after a long day with your furry friend.

Organise your time with this gorgeous new Planner and aim to tackle one thing before starting the next. Don’t forget to schedule in Little Moments just for you as well!

From Journals, Planners and Notepads to help you reflect, plan and embrace more mindfulness every day to beautiful homewares, desk and office pieces to encourage you to slow down (as well as some super creative DIY projects) this collection features the sweetest graphics depicting everyday life and fun and unique quotes to inspire throughout.

We know you’ve already fallen instantly for our range of 2022 Diaries, Calendars in this collection (we have to!) but you’ll also find beautiful Planners and accessories as well, all designed to help you get organised for a wonderful year ahead. Not to mention all your stationery favourites in this gorgeous colourway as well.

We hope our Little Moments collection will inspire you to take note as you go about your days and encourage us all to – as Robert Brault so wisely once said – ‘Enjoy the little things. After all, one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.’

Shop the full collection online or in-store now, and remember to embrace even the tiniest moments in the most ordinary of days.

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