Kristina’s Tips for Better Everyday Organisation

I’m always looking for new ideas and habits to help me work productively and embrace that calm, in control feeling that comes from efficiently managing my time. No matter how busy I get, when I practice these organisation habits, I feel like I have more time for my family, friends and the things that really matter to me. Here are some of the ideas that are helping me do this right now.

Kristina’s Tips for Better Everyday Organisation

Write everything down

You never know where inspiration will strike so make sure you’re always ready to capture all of those great ideas. It’s so funny, the places ideas come to me – from the drive home to 3am in bed. I always keep my Diary in my bag so I can use the notes section on-the-go. The same goes for appointments, tasks and reminders. I always write them down the minute I find out about them so there’s no chance I can forget something.

Do one thing at a time

We live in a world so filled with distractions, from emails to social media notifications. But multi-tasking isn’t helping us as much as we think. I find stretching myself too thin and not giving each task my full attention hurts my productivity in the long run. Instead, I make an effort to just do one thing at a time, making sure I’m happy with the results before moving on. To do this, I use a daily Diary and sit down each morning assigning each task into the time slots. I also make sure to leave space for those little tasks that pop up during the day so I can address them all on one go rather than be interrupted.

Kristina’s Tips for Better Everyday Organisation

Make time for health and fitness

Being healthy is one of the most important things in life, yet when things get busy, our healthy routines are often the first thing to suffer. But putting time and effort into our physical and mental health is vital to staying happy, healthy and productive. That’s why, no matter how busy I am, I set an hour aside each morning so I can start the day with yoga or a walk. Likewise, I’ll schedule time into my Diary for healthy habits like meditation and meal planning. I also love scheduling in fitness activities with friends so we can motivate each other.

Set yourself time to be creative

We all have those weeks where the days fly past. But if our time is filled up with practical projects and urgent tasks, we’ll never find the time to explore our creativity and those long term ideas that can help us follow our dreams. That’s why, even in the busiest weeks, be sure to put some time aside in your Diary to be creative. Whether you spend it reading, sketching or whatever works for you, you’ll love the refreshed, calm and inspired feeling this will bring.

I hope these tips will help you get organised and achieve your goals for the year ahead. Be sure to share your ideas with us on social media.


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Kristina’s Tips for Better Everyday Organisation

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  1. I think that all your ideas promote mindfulness and I believe that it is a philosophy that can make all out lives simpler and richer at the same time. I will aim to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Your ideas are always so great and very helpful your photography is breath takingly beautiful thanks for brightening my day and creating kikki k


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