Kristina’s Morning Routine

I truly believe that our morning routines can be incredibly powerful. When we start our day with positivity, it sets us up to be happy and productive all-day long. That’s why our new homewares collection is designed to help you embrace the power of morning rituals.

Combining a soft and calming colour palette of pink and grey, with a beautiful speckle detail, gold foil and scalloped edges, this gorgeous collection includes everything you need to start your day right. From inspiring quote cards, to a stylish journal to put pen to paper, to the perfect teacup and teapot, now’s the time to embrace a morning ritual and live your best life, every day.

How to create the perfect morning routine

To inspire you to create some morning rituals of your own, I thought I’d share my morning routine. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, I feel amazing…

I like to wake up at 5am. I call it my holy hour as, with a busy family, it’s one of the only times I get to be completely alone to focus on my thoughts.

I start the day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon while I complete my three morning pages. I write about anything that comes to mind; it might be an issue I’m grappling with or something I’m excited about. I find this is a great way to just get everything out of my head so I can start the day with more clarity.

How to create the perfect morning routine

Then, I’ll light candles (or the fire in winter), drink tea, listen to inspiring podcasts or write in my life journal – a journal for my goals, dreams and thoughts. I finish with a few minutes of meditation.

At 6am I exercise – I’m loving yoga at the moment – before the rest of my family wakes up by 7am. Then it’s time to get the kids ready, drop them at school and enjoy a green smoothie on my way to work.

This morning routine helps me feel amazing and like I can take on anything. I hope our new collection helps you start your days in a way that makes you feel just as great!

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