Kristina’s guide to our Life is Sweet collection

Taking the time to enjoy the little things is really important to me – whether it’s walking home in the sunshine or sitting down to fill in my Reflection Journal each evening. This was the inspiration behind our lovely new Life is Sweet collection, which is full of delicious stationery and accessories to help you celebrate life’s small happy moments.

Dedicated to all the sweet things in life, the range revolves around a garden scene, and all the little creatures, shapes and colours which inhabit it. Hand drawn illustrations are set off by a wintery colour palette of dark cherry, mint and navy, which are some of my favourites for the season. They really tap into the current fashion trends in Sweden and are a beautiful way to inject some brightness into the winter’s traditional darker colour scheme.

I also love the sophisticated touches of copper foil and the honeycomb patterns, which are a huge homewares trend at the moment – and something I’m obsessed with in my own home! It also feels like a natural direction to me, having grown up seeing this shade everywhere in Sweden, from interiors to fashion.

So whether you scribbling your thoughts in our 365 Journal or carrying around our cute printed Pencil Case, we hope this collection brings a little sweetness to your stationery wardrobe! Be inspired to appreciate the pretty, little moments that make each day a little brighter because sometimes when you look back, you realise those small things were actually the most important.

Discover our Life Is Sweet Collection here.

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