Kristina’s Guide to Organising your Christmas Cards

I love writing and sending cards all year round and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones. It’s a great chance to pause and reflect on the year just gone, sharing special memories and expressing gratitude for everything they have done.  This simple and beautiful tradition can bring so much joy to friends and family, as well as to myself.

I’ve put together some of my favourite tips and ideas for writing your Christmas Cards. I hope they inspire you to embrace this wonderful tradition this year.



Organise your list

Before you begin writing your cards, ensure that you have a list of people you plan to write to including their correct address. This way, there will be no delays when it comes to put your cards in the mail. You’ll also be able to tick off each person as you go, with no chance of forgetting anyone.

Set aside time each week

Rather than trying to write all of my cards in one go, I really enjoy taking the time to think about each one, adding a heartfelt message and reflecting on our relationship. Lighting a Scented Candle and enjoying a glass of glogg helps me get into the Christmas spirit in no time.

Be inspired to write your Christmas cards with these ideas and thought starters

Share a special memory

I love including my favourite memory with each person from the past year in my message. Whether it’s a trip we took together or a fun adventure we shared, it really helps me appreciate the good times. I also take the opportunity to express gratitude towards my friends and loved ones, thanking them for being in my life.

Set a date to meet up

If I’ve not seen the person in a while, my card is the perfect opportunity to set a date to meet up. Whether I invite them to a Christmas gathering or make plans for the New Year, I love reconnecting and having something special to look forward to.

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