Kristina’s Guide to Kitchen Organisation

For me, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s where healthy habits start as well being as a place for the whole family to get together. Our new Love Food collection has been designed to help make your kitchen even better, with Meal Planners, Organisers and more. To inspire you to get started, here are some of the ways I’m using the collection in my home.

Keeping track of your favourite recipes with our Recipe Organiser Folder

Keeping track of my favourite recipes

Every family has their favourite recipes, slightly tweaked from the original. The Recipes Organiser is perfect for keeping yours all in one place. I use the Recipe Insert Sheets to write down my favourites and then add in pages from magazines and blogs. The Index Sheet, Divider Tabs and Stickers make it super easy to keep everything ordered. Once a new recipe gets the seal of approval from my family, I make sure to add it in this folder so I can easily find it, and make it, again.

Label, organise and get creative with our Paper Lover's Book

Label, organise and get creative

My favourite product of Love Food is the Paper Lover’s Book. I love making and using the DIY items inside the book to decorate… it’s so much fun! I use the stickers to label jars of homemade Swedish lingonberry jam and then gift to loved ones. I also transfer kitchen essentials like rice, flour and pasta into storage jars and label these too – they just look so much better as well making things really easy to find. This Book means I always have cute little decorating pieces for my baking and desserts too.

Planning your meals and shopping with our Planner Pads

Planning my meals and shopping

Healthy eating really does depend on being prepared. Each weekend, I take some time out to plan for the week ahead, writing on my Magnetic Shopping List and mapping out each meal on my Meal Planner Pad. Doing this really encourages mindful eating and better choices. Another thing I love to do is make some healthy, homemade snacks for the whole family to enjoy. One of my current favourites is Apricot Bliss Balls, which you can find the recipe for here.

I really hope our new collection brings out the food lover in you, and into your kitchen. Enjoy!


Discover the Love Food collection here.

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