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Visual artist Charli Burrowes has one of the most gorgeous Instagram feeds we’ve seen in a while. That’s why we couldn’t resist asking Charli (@MeOhMyGirl) to style some of her favourite pieces from our new Be Brave collection as well as share her bravest moments.

What does being brave mean to you?

I think being brave means having the courage to pursue what you’re passionate about. For me, I guess this meant having the courage to opt out of my career path. I decided that if I wanted to make art, and get better at it, I’d have to give up trying to work on personal projects around a 9-5 corporate job, and dedicate my life to it full-time. It was scary because I was afraid of what my friends and family would think- probably that I’d lost my mind!

Me Oh My x kikki.K Be Brave

What are you working on at the moment?

I started my business about six months ago. I create imagery and artwork for brands on a freelance basis. This can be anything from creative social media content, to creative imagery for websites or magazines. In the next few months, I’ve been commissioned by Fuji Film to create an art installation for them to celebrate the release of their new range. I feel very lucky. It’s such a thrill to see my work popping up in shopping centres, social media, on websites and now in print!! Further down the track, I’m hoping to launch my first solo exhibition.

kikki.K Be Brave Butterflies

How did you get started and why do you love what you do?

I probably started about five years ago, while I was studying visual communication at uni. I’d go out and assist on photoshoots. I fell in love with creating images. A picture can make people feel things, take them to other places and inspire them. I wanted to create images that connected with people.  The thing I love most about what I do is when I see something I’ve created having an effect on someone. It’s why I do what I do.

kikki.K Be Brave Journal with butterflies

What gave you the courage to start your own business?

I woke up one day and realised I wasn’t happy working in marketing. I was miserable. I wanted creative freedom, and the time to work on my own projects. But I was scared. I felt trapped- it seemed silly to abandon a career in marketing to start out on your own with no clients, and no reputation. But then I had a really good friend ask me to create some images for his brand’s website, and Instagram. That made me go, ‘well, if one person is willing to pay for my images, maybe others will too.’ So I took a huge leap of faith, stocked my cupboard with mi goreng noodles, and sold my wardrobe to pay for new camera equipment. Six months on, and I’m now booked out most weeks. I’m so very, very grateful for where my little leap of faith has taken me.

kikki.K Be Brave collection by Me Oh My

Who Inspires You To Work Hard + Live Your Dreams?

My Mum. She’s never compromised when it comes to creative expression. If 12 year old me had wanted to dress up as a zombie bride and go the to movies, she was the one helping wrap mouldy bandages around my arms. I’ll always be grateful to her for letting me be true to myself, as it has lead me here.

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Make it about what you love. Because there will be times where you question everything you’re doing, and you question your ability, and yourself. If you don’t love it, you won’t find the motivation to pick yourself up off the floor after a bad day and begin again. Believe in what you do. It truly makes all the difference.

Feeling inspired? Get creative with our new Be Brave  collection.

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  1. One of the most incredible creative humans you could ever have the privilege in working with!!! Congrats on all Charli’s success. Total inspiration to us all.

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