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We all have the opportunity to do what we love every day. Alex Stedman, Fashion Editor and Blogger of The Frugality absolutely loves what she gets to do. Be inspired by a snapshot of her day and how she’s using our new Fall In Love With Your Life Collection at home, in her workspace and whilst out and about on the streets of London.

We caught up with Alex to find out a little more about her day…

KK: What time do you usually wake up and what is your morning routine?

Alex: I wake up around 7am but I am terrible in the mornings! I need coffee and a shower and I have (quite) a strict cleansing routine. I usually check emails and Instagram first thing and then go downstairs and plan my day. I work from home so there is no ‘commute’ for me anymore, which makes my life slightly easier these days.

KK: What little things make a day perfect for you?

Alex: We have just moved into a new house, and I still cannot believe it’s ours….I love walking down stairs and working in our front room with light coming into the room. I try and sit and enjoy my coffee and lunch without work distractions and I am lucky enough to often work from home with my husband so we catch up over lunch. Having the freedom to work from home, and then fit a few home/life errands in around my day is perfect for me.

KK: How are you planning to add even more happiness into your days to come?

Alex: I am actually looking into getting an office! I won’t be based there full-time but I am so excited to have a base where I can store things, but also somewhere I can go that’s 100% my space and that I an associate it with ‘work’. Sometimes working from home there is no ‘switch off’ button so I think it will make me appreciate my evenings at home a bit more.

KK: What action do you take to ensure that you love each day of your life?

Alex: I remind myself how fortunate I am. I used to work in a job that I loved, but the circumstances towards the end didn’t make me happy. The fact that I changed my fate and now spend time doing something I love everyday is always something I don’t take for granted.

KK: What is the one stationery piece you can’t live without?

Alex: I’m a real pen and paper girl, so I carry my kikki.K ‘To Do’ list and my gold pen everywhere I go. I’m a listamaniac and can’t seem to function with them!

KK: What are your favourite pieces from the Fall In Love With Your Life Collection?

Alex: I love the pink dishes, so useful for trinkets and jewellery, plus the water jug as I am terrible for refilling my glass -this makes it so much easier!

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