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Mum has so many wonderful stories to share, that’s why we’ve been asking some of our favourite bloggers and influencers to fill out out Mum’s Story Book with their mothers. To complete our series Cëe from the Singapore based blog Between The Lenses tells us about her experience.

Cëe used:
Mum’s Story Book
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Discover the Mum's Story Book by kikki.K. Photo by Between The Lenses.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve learnt about your mum from filling out the book?

My mother has taught me many things, all of which I am grateful for, but as a parent and child we definitely could not get along at times. Growing up, she definitely displayed the characteristics of a ‘tiger mum’, which was why we always had little arguments. My mother is also the epitome of a worrywart, but she would never let my brother and I worry.

As an average middle class family, we were always comfortable and never had to worry about not having food on the table or having new clothes and shoes to wear. As cliché as it sounds, when we were kids my mother always emphasized our importance and would without hesitation give up whatever she has just for us to be safe, healthy and happy. She always taught us how to be contented and know when the time comes for giving back we should do so generously and unconditionally.

In an attempt to get to know her better, I asked that she filled up certain pages of this book. I now feel that I understand a little more about how her background has made her the woman she is today.

What’s the most important thing she’s taught you?

I would like to say that without my mother I would definitely not be where I am today. In 2011 or 2012, I was obsessed with photography but was limited because all I had was a Canon point-and-shoot. Finally, after much persuasion she finally bought me my first DSLR – which of course, I am also thankful for up till today. After I got my DSLR, I started my blog and my Instagram to share the photos that were taken with it. Time passed and I got to be where I am today. As much as I would like to thank every one of Cëe my followers who have supported me this far, I would not have achieved my little success without the biggest sacrifice and support from my mother.

P/s: all photos in this post were also taken with the very same DSLR.

Discover the Mum’s Story Book here.

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