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I’m so excited to present our new Thrive Journal with Arianna Huffington. At kikki.K we believe in inspiring and empowering people the world over to live their best lives, so we’ve joined together with Arianna and her wonderful team to do exactly that. Together we’re helping people all over the world thrive each and every day.


Arianna is the author of the international bestsellers Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. When I read Arianna’s story I knew I wanted to work together to give our customers across the globe the tools to help them live meaningful lives filled with purpose and joy. I absolutely love what Arianna stands for, and it’s the perfect partnership that celebrates our values of heath, wellbeing, gratitude and happiness.

Thriving is about more than just going through the motions. Thriving means living a life you love, striving always for balance and embracing a true sense of wellbeing through small changes and adopting simple but effective new habits.

The kikki.K Thrive Journal is one of my favourites from the collaboration. It’s designed to be used as a workbook alongside Arianna’s inspiring book, Thrive. Together, they offer you the tools, information and inspiration to help you begin your journey towards thriving. One of the most effective habits that you can start right now is simply getting 30 minutes more sleep each night. Embrace this simple habit and use our gorgeous new My Dreams Journal to record any dreams you remember when you wake. It’s a small change that can lead to huge benefits.

I hope you fall in love with our new Thrive Journal as much as I have and I hope it inspires you to connect with what really matters.

I’m so excited by the opportunity to help people all over the world embrace a life of thriving. Start your journey with our Thrive Journal today.

Kristina x

Kristina Karlsson

kikki.K founder & stationery lover


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