kikki.K now at London Gatwick Airport

We’re so excited to share even more Swedish design love with the world with a range of your kikki.K favourites available at our new Little Boutique at Gatwick Airport North Terminal from Tuesday. There’s nothing quite like travel to open your eyes to new perspectives and change the way you see the world and that’s why we are so happy to open our first UK airport store.

Be sure to visit us on your travels and love taking some time to discover our gorgeous stationery, gifts and travel essentials including our travel collection, The World is Waiting and our beautiful Inspiration Collection.

kikki.K Gatwick

To celebrate the launch of our Gatwick Airport store this month, we’re sharing some of our top travel tips.

There’s something so beautiful about heading off somewhere new and embracing the unknown. At the same time, being well-prepared and staying organised while on your trip will help you make the most of your time as well as avoid any travel related mishaps. Whether you’re heading away for a long weekend or an epic around the world trip, here are some ideas to help you travel in organised style.

Your travel essentials…

Travel / Doc Wallet
Travel Journal
Travel Notes
Leather Luggage Tag

Do your research
We love spending whole days wandering around and just letting ourselves get lost as we soak in the local culture. On the other hand having a handful of lesser known sights and neighbourhoods already on your itinerary is a great idea to help you get off the beaten track. Reading travel books, blogs and magazine articles before you leave and making a note of places to visit means you’ll never be stuck for ideas. Plus, you can keep your Travel Notes on you each day to flick through when you feel like some inspiration.

kikki.K + Street Smith

Keep everything in its place
When you’re on the road, try keeping your luggage and belongings just as organised as you would your things at home. Assigning a proper place for each thing, means you won’t be rummaging around and causing a mess when you need to grab something. Our Travel Wallet is designed with different sections for all the bits of paper and important documents you’ll need to take with you. Place your tickets, itinerary, hotel booking confirmation and passport inside then close using the zip to keep everything safe and in one easy to reach place.

Capture each memory
At the end of each day, take a few moments to pause and reflect on what you’ve seen and discovered with our A5 Travel Journal. Really thinking about what you’ve experienced and writing it down is a perfect trick for staying in the moment and being more mindful about your holiday. Use this time to prioritise your plans for the rest of the trip. It’s not until you stop and think that you may realise you want to spend more time relaxing, or that you haven’t explored the local culture as much as you’d hoped. The other great thing is that by capturing these precious memories, you’ll always have a beautiful keepsake to look back on to inspire your next trip.

Take time to reflect
Filling your trip with fun activities is a sure way to make precious memories. Equally, taking some time to just be might end up being the highlight of your trip. Whether you head out into nature or a local coffee shop, sit down with your favourite Journal and let your mind wander. Watch life pass you by and write down your thoughts and feelings. This is a wonderful way to relax and your Journal will turn into a keepsake you’ll love to look back on.

We can’t wait to see you at our new Little Boutique at Gatwick Airport soon!

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