#11: Jo Fairley – Jumping in the Deep End & Taking Steps to Achieve Your Dreams – Your Dream Life Podcast

Jo Fairley is our inspiring guest this episode – co-founder of the multi-million dollar Green & Black’s organic chocolate, editor and author of the Beauty Bible, motivational speaker, mentor, journalist, entrepreneur and all-round wonder woman. Driven by a passion for business and making a difference in the world, Jo’s list of successes and achievements is truly remarkable. Aptly named after the head-strong, determined character, Jo March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Jo credits her success to always following her passions, listening to her heart and generally rolling up her sleeves to get things done.

After leaving school at just 16, bored and disheartened by teachers who told her she would probably never amount to much, Jo was motivated by a passion to succeed in the real world and prove everyone wrong – and that she did!

By jumping head first into any role she found herself in, Jo became a sponge – learning every skill she could to succeed. And it wasn’t long before her passion and drive led her to become the UK’s youngest magazine editor – at just 23!

In a career spanning many years across a variety of areas, Jo now edits the Beauty Bible website and books with long-term friend and fellow beauty-lover, Sarah Stacey.

Another of Jo’s more recent ventures is The Perfume Society which sets out to help individuals develop their sense of smell by exploring fragrance and the scented world. As well as all this, she also owns a nine-room wellbeing centre and organic bakery in Hastings, UK where she is now living her ultimate dream life by the sea.

Jo’s passion for business and making a difference in the world is truly inspiring, and in this amazing episode you’ll discover….

  • The benefits of being thrown in the deep end, jumping out of your comfort zone and taking a gamble on something you’re passionate about
  • The importance of learning everything you can to make yourself knowledgeable, and overcoming ‘imposter syndrome’
  • The power of dreaming big, but also the importance of taking action and working hard to turn those dreams into reality
  • Simple and actionable advice for anyone looking to start a business out of their passions
  • How to overcome self-doubt by celebrating your strengths
  • The importance of staying true to yourself

and so much more!

“I found it truly inspiring how, even though she left school at just 16, Jo was able to create a success of herself through her passion, determination and hard work – and become one of the world’s most renowned businesswomen.” Kristina Karlsson

“Jo is such an amazing example of how no matter what your circumstances, if you’re willing to learn and work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.” Kristina Karlsson



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