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I truly believe that we are all creative. Creativity isn’t just for people who work in creative industries. Creativity is found in just about everything we do. You are creative when you take risks, organise, solve a problem or simply think differently. You might not realise it but you are creative every day.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce our newest collection, We Are All Creative, which is full of tools and prompts to help you to stay curious and think differently. Be inspired to explore with fluid lines, playful florals and organic shapes with a bold colour palette of midnight blue and bright red alongside pops of soft pink, sky blue and silver foil.

Discover our new We Are All Creative Collection
One of my favourite pieces in the new collection is our new Creativity Journal. It’s filled with unique prompts, inspiring questions and fun activities to help you see the world in new ways. Designed to help you get to know yourself more, I hope that it will help you trust your intuition, take risks and, most importantly, have fun! I’m also really enjoying using our new Creativity Prompts as a little daily reminder to ask questions and try something new.

Discover our new We Are All Creative Collection

In today’s over-connected, hectic world, it’s so important to pause each day and get in touch with the little things. Simple joys like taking a tea break or sketching on a notepad have so much power to reignite our passions and recharge our creativity. I hope the new collection helps you get to know yourself better, look at the world with a new perspective and embrace your inner creative more often.

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Discover We Are All Creative here.

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