Introducing the new My Activity Book

Nothing can replace the simple tactile joy that comes from getting creative with pen and paper. Our new My Activity Book is filled with fun games and projects to help you do just that. From bunting to boats, paper planes to alphabet games, it’s the perfect treat for the young and young at heart. Take it with you on your next long journey, or simply take some time out to relax and play. Here are our favourite ways to use it.

Introducing the new My Activity Book


We think bunting can turn any occasion into a party. Use this super cute bunting to decorate your next birthday tea or simply as a fun styling accessory for your desk or bedroom.

Introducing the new My Activity Book

Popcorn Cone

We love a healthy snack like popcorn or fruit. Make your next treat extra special by serving it up in this fun popcorn cone.

Introducing the new My Activity Book

Paper Boat

There’s something so soothing about sitting down and creating something out of paper. This adorable paper boat is so easy to make and looks super cute.

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