Introducing the kikki.K Planner Insiders

Earlier this year we selected a small group of people from all over the world to work with us on a super exciting project.

This group of people are now known as our kikki.K Planner Insiders and were selected based on their creativity, passion, involvement in the planner community and of course their love for Planners!

We wanted to truly connect with our wider planner community, so as part of the team, our Planner Insiders provided us with insights, ideas and opinions whilst attending meetings, phone calls, emails as well as joining us for a brainstorm session at our Global Support Office.

Over the last few months our Planner Insiders have been helping us to design and develop a brand new Planner, made for planner lovers by planner lovers. With every aspect considered, this new planner has bespoke features and is a customisation dream!

We have loved working with this team and look forward to sharing the finished product of this project with you all.

Meet our Planner Insiders…

Ashleigh Newton | @plum_mashable


Desley Pitcher | @desleyjane_plans


Daisy Martin | @mygreencow


Hannah Andreasson | @Hannahs_Haven_


Damian Hunt | @theplanner_guy


As well as Nadia from @lettersinnovember !

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