Introducing our The World is Waiting Collection

There’s nothing quite like travel to open your eyes to new perspectives and change the way you see the world. Travel leaves you with new stories, new experiences and new understanding, all contributing to the way you live and the life you create. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our new travel collection, The World Is Waiting.

To celebrate the launch, we asked some of our favourite travel bloggers to share how they’re using their favourite pieces on their latest trips. Watch our video to see what Connie Cao, Masturah KayKatherine Lowe, Tara Milk Tea, David Grr and Between The Lenses got up to.

Combining a stylishly monochromatic palette of smoky blues and soft greys with touches of silver foil, the collection features beautifully illustrated cityscapes to inspire your travels.

Discover beautiful travel accessories, planners and more

To inspire you on your next adventure, we asked each blogger for their travel tips…

How do you stay organised when you travel?

Tara Whitman: “Having ‘organisers’ sounds so cliche, but I live for them! I have organisers inside my luggage so sort different items of clothing, and I always have compartments and holders for all my documents, accessories, and camera gear. Literally everything has it’s own pocket or place!”

What is one item you can’t travel without?

Connie Cao: “One of my favourite things to use is a travel wallet. I love and use my kikki-K one regularly and it has been so great in keeping all my loose but important things organised. It has never been easier to locate my passport, pen, forms and change when I’m rushing about in the airport.”

K is for Kani

What destination is still on your bucket list & why?

David Grr: I would love to visit Iceland and find the Sólheimasandur plane crash, it’s been in numerous shoots I’ve been obsessed with. And also Santorini to get that perfect photo you see on all those glamorous travel accounts.

What stationery item can you not live without?

Katherine Lowe: A great pen and a great pencil. Also a notepad is essential to write everything down.  My job involves organising other people’s schedules, so I’ve gotten pretty good at being efficient and detail-oriented when it comes to travelling!

We hope the new collection inspires you to see the world in style. Discover it here.

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