Introducing our Sweetest Collection Yet

Find beauty in the little things with the sweetest, unique hand-illustrated designs in our Sweet Collection. In a soft colour palette of blue, grey, peach and mustard, this gorgeous range features everyday notebooks, stationery and accessories to bring a little joy to your days.

Fall in love with the super sweet illustrations featuring the cutest cats and dogs, alongside all your favourite things, in beautiful textured designs.

We asked our Designer Katie to tell us more about the design process of this gorgeous collection…

What inspired you?
When designing our latest Sweet Collection, I really wanted to tap into the simplistic beauty and organic, imperfect textures found in nature and our everyday life.

Inspired by the little moments, I tried to develop graphics and little characters to celebrate life’s simple pleasures and joys – cosy living spaces, gardening, our furry pets and their unique and quirky features, camping, the outdoors or baking in the kitchen. There’s something so sweet and enchanting about these simplistic yet familiar images. I really wanted to capture that feeling of nostalgia surrounding life’s little moments – the ones we sometimes take for granted.

Many of us have our favourite cat or dog from childhood – or adulthood! – with funny little characteristics that make them so unique and lovable. I tried to represent these furry little friends of ours with the characters I created, keeping them all a little different, with their own individual quirks.

What I love is that everyone at kikki.K now has their favourite graphic they can relate to – whether that be the dogs or cats or the other lifestyle illustrations. There’s really something for everyone!

How did you illustrate the graphics?
To create the illustrations featured in this collection, I used a tablet to digitally draw each graphic. I chose to use watercolour effects and digital brush strokes in order to capture the soft lines and imperfect nature of our everyday lives. Using a sweet colour palette of mostly blue, grey, peach and mustard, the graphics – when combined with creamy textured backgrounds – were designed to keep the end result as natural and hand-drawn as possible.

What’s your favourite piece?
When it comes to my favourite product in this range, it’s a difficult choice – I love them all! But it is hard to look past the porcelain cat and dog figures. Whether you buy them as a pair or separately, their lovable little characteristics give them so much personality – perfect for adding a little cuteness to your home or office. Their sweet little faces are so adorable – it’s impossible not to smile when you look at them.

Discover our new Sweet Collection and embrace small wonders today.

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