Introducing our Sweet Collection with Kristina

It can be all too easy to let the busyness of daily life get in the way of enjoying the simple things. However, I truly believe that wonderful things happen when we slow down and focus on the here and now. That’s why I’m thrilled to present our new Sweet Collection, which is inspired by the little objects and things that make life so much fun.

From traditional Swedish homes, to fruit, woodland animals, and of course, our adorable pug and cat characters, the collection is full of hand drawn motifs that are sure to make you smile. Let the stationery essentials and everyday tools brighten your days and inspire you to breathe in each moment.

The designs started with a hand drawn sketch or texture created with pencil or watercolour. Then each element was transferred to computer to complete the design. Find out more about our design process with this fun video…

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of writing and sending cards. That’s why I’m loving our new Card Pack, which includes 15 gorgeous greeting cards in a handy little box. I’ve been keeping mine on my desk so I always have a card to hand for birthdays, thank yous, or just because.

Discover the kikki.K Sweet Collection of stationery, notebooks and journals.

Of course, I’m also enjoying decorating my work space with our cute pug and cat items. I’ve been using the little dishes to store odds and ends and enjoying my daily coffee out of my cat Mug.

I hope these gorgeous pieces inspire you to appreciate life’s little joys and embrace more happiness. After all, it’s often the little things that make big days!
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