Introducing our Fall in Love with your Life Collection with Kristina

We all have dreams and goals. These are so important in helping us strive towards our dream life and build something amazing for the future. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that happiness will come once we’ve achieved this idea of success. The problem with this idea is that we begin to associate happiness as an outcome of our actions, rather than as something within us that we can feel daily.


Happiness is an attitude – a way of being! It’s in little moments and gestures; it’s our friends and family; it’s in smiles, laughs and hugs. When we truly love our life, we achieve true happiness. That’s why I’m so excited to present our new Fall in Love with your Life Collection, which is inspired by all the fun and wonderful things that make us feel alive.


Combining the sweetest heart motif with a bold colour palette of pinks with pops of yellow and grey, this beautiful collection features delicious stationery must-haves, inspiring journals and beautiful items to brighten your home or workspace.

Be inspired to choose joy with our new Fall in Love with Your Life Book or celebrate a daily joyful practice with the gorgeous A Year of Joy in a Jar. Each day you can record a moment of joy on one of the tear-off notes then add it to your jar. At the end of your year, you’ll have 365 moments of joy to reflect on.

Your life was made to be lived and loved. What are you waiting for? Discover our newest collection, Fall in Love with your Life, today!

Watch our video with Alex from The Frugality and discover how to make every day bright and beautiful.

Kristina x

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