Introducing Marshall Goldsmith

In Want To Be A Great Leader? world renowned author Marshall Goldsmith shares his top ten tips on how to release your leadership potential. Embrace creativity, inspiration and innovation and learn to lead others, even if it does not come naturally to you. To find out more about Marshall, we asked him a few questions about leadership, life and asking questions.

What does leadership mean to you?
Leadership is working with and through others to achieve objectives. The key word in this definition is others. One of my best CEO clients taught me this lesson, “For the great individual achiever it is all about me – for the great leader it is all about them.Discover these tips for being a great leader with Marshall Goldsmith

What’s one question you wish you had asked yourself early in your career?
I wish I had asked myself, “where do you really want to focus?” If you had to devote your life to becoming the world’s expert at only one thing – what would that one thing be?

How do you ensure that you keep learning?
Every day I challenge myself with the question, “What is next?” It’s a great way to ensure I keep learning.

How do you stay organised?
My wife!

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Discover these tips for being a great leader with Marshall Goldsmith

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