How to Style your Home with The Design Files

We’re long-time fans of The Design Files so couldn’t be more excited to announce that for part 1 of our Video Series, we’re collaborating with Editor Lucy Feagins to share her styling tips for Christmas. Watch our video below to find out how Lucy is spreading joy by adding little design touches to her home space. Plus be sure to keep checking back to see the rest of our series over the coming weeks.

What are your top tips for making your home space beautiful and personal this Christmas?
I really love the atmosphere and smell of a real Christmas tree, when we bring a tree home this signals the start of the holiday season for me! I’m also a sucker for fairy lights – I like tiny natural white bud lights. Even though I’m a grown adult (!), it still feels so magical turning these on and seeing them twinkle through the tree branches after everyone is in bed.

For Christmas lunch, I often decorate with foraged foliage – just some simple strands of ivy strewn on surface tops or down the centre of the table is so easy and adds such a lovely, festive touch.

You feature so many amazing spaces on The Design Files, what’s your personal style like and how will you be interpreting this in your own home for Christmas?
When it comes to our website, I’m always seeking out really bold, distinctive interiors, but in my own home I tend to be a little more restrained and minimal. For Christmas, my main styling comes in the form of fresh flowers and foliage, a hand made Christmas wreath, and I also really love wrapping presents in creative ways.

Discover how to make a Christmas wreath with The Design Files

What are your top tips for entertaining at home over Christmas and how will you be making your guests feel extra special when they visit?
I enjoy entertaining but it can be a bit stressful if you’re not prepared, I really like to be super organised so I know I can enjoy myself and not stress about food on the stove!  I must say, the grocery stockpiling commences in mid December for me (as I tend to work right up until Christmas) – it’s always helpful to have a fridge stocked full of treats, so you can be spontaneous and host friends whenever they drop by.

That said, my go-to Christmas dish is the classic Aussie pavlova. I make mine the night before, then drench it in cream and fresh berries just before serving – always a crowd pleaser!

What activities are you most looking forward to enjoying this Christmas?
Decorating the tree with my daughter – she’s almost two so this will be the first Christmas she really ‘gets’ ! But mainly, I’m really just looking forward to having some time out to be at home and nest with my family… it’s been a big year!

Discover how to make a Christmas wreath with The Design Files

What are your top tips for embracing more joy over the holidays?
I’m so busy throughout the year, Christmas is about the only time my email and phone stops blinging! For that reason, I find it’s a great time to reconnect with family, and try and have a phone / technology free day occasionally.

What are some small ways you’re hoping to be able to give back to others this Christmas?
I am passionate about the welfare of refugees. As part of our annual ‘The Design Files Open House’ event in November we will be having a four day speaker series with all the proceeds going Melbourne’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The ASRC is a wonderful charity that supports refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne with everything from housing to legal aid, healthcare, job seeking and other services. We hope to raise $10,000 for them this year.

With such a busy schedule, a young family and lots of Christmas prep to be done, how do you stay organised over the festive period?
I’m a list queen – it’s all about the daily to-do lists for me! I’m also a trying to get better at delegating – when all else fails I call my Mum and she always leaps in to help with childcare pick-up, last minute food shopping etc!

How will you be capturing memories with your family this Christmas?
I’m embracing the  good old fashioned SLR camera these days – it’s so tempting to capture everything on the phone camera but the quality of photo is so much better if you use a real camera. Then, you have  to remember to actually PRINT some photos, instead of just storing them on the cloud. What’s the fun in that!?

Style your home for Christmas with The Design Files

What’s your favourite kikki.K gift you’re giving to someone else this Christmas?
I really loved that little individual ‘houses’ advent calendar we used on our Christmas shoot! I plan to buy it for my daughter because I have such lovely memories of advent calendars when I was little.

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Want to find out how to create Lucy’s DIY wreath? Lucy will be hosting a special Workshop event at Emporium Shopping Centre, Melbourne. Find out more here.


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