Introducing James Rouse

We love the advice in author and speaker James Rouse’s limited edition book,  Are You Willing To Show Up And Live Your Best Life? Having written 11 books and worked with organisations including the NFL, NBA and Google, he knows a thing or two about reaching your full potential and achieving your goals. To find out more about this inspiring speaker, author and entrepreneur, we asked him the following questions:

Who or what are you feeling inspired by right now?

I’m inspired by all those ruckus makers who choose to lead a life of heart that is expressed through showing up moment by moment; dedicated to the work of producing their living masterpiece that serves their hearts knowing and inspires a movement away from mediocrity, and towards their magnificence…the ones who humbly dedicate their craft of living well in all its vulnerability, rawness and awakened presence.

Are Your Willing To Show Up & Live Your Best Life? by James Rouse

What’s one question you ask yourself daily?

What can I choose to do today to give myself the experience of falling asleep tonight under the influence of grace, ease and perfect peace?

What does success look like to you?

To me success is alignment with my mind, my body and spirit…daily experiences, choices and dedication that support their full integration and courageous expression.

What’s one stationery item you can’t live without?

My  365 Journal, my Work Book and my Goals Journal; they are a constant companion and friends that hold me accountable to my dreams and desires…they help me to grow UP!

Discover Are You Willing To Show Up And Live Your Best Life? and see the Life Is For Questions Collection here.

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