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Having more energy and feeling healthy and happy is so important to each of our lives. Learning to thrive and not just survive is the first step to living our dream life. That’s why I’m so so passionate about our new collection, Energise Your Life. Featuring an inspiring colour palette in shades of blue, each piece is designed to help you embrace wellness and take control of your day-to-day.

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I’m especially excited to present 2 limited edition pieces created in collaboration with one of my favourite inspiring women, leading bio-chemist and best-selling author, Dr Libby Weaver. Enjoy a kikki.K designed version of her wonderful book, Exhausted To Energised. Then use our Exhausted To Energised Journal to help you on your journey to greater wellness. It’s full of activities and practical tips to help you prioritise your energy and discover what it’s really like to feel good!

Exhausted to Energised Journal

To inspire you to embrace more energy today, I wanted to share some of the things I have been trying in my own life…

Cut Out Coffee

I know we all love our daily fika (Swedish for tea or coffee-break) but that regular caffeine hit actually makes us more sluggish in the long run. I’ve been amazed to see the difference in my own energy levels that has come from switching to non-caffeinated herbal teas instead. I feel more balanced and calm each day. Why not challenge yourself to cut back or even cut out completely and see the difference yourself?

Water Bottle

Walk More

Every step we take is a little step towards improving our fitness.  Walking is one of my favourite ways to exercise and I love looking for little ways to get outside and walk more. One thing myself and my team are doing is taking walking meetings. If you don’t need a computer screen, why not get outside and talk on the move? It’s a great way to boost creativity and innovation too.

Wake up early

It sometimes gets hard when I’m travelling as much as I have been lately but when I’m at home I love to wake up at 5am and enjoy my ‘holy hour’ alone. I drink warm lemon water, meditate, do yoga and write in my journal. Getting up early can actually improve your sleep patterns as you feel tired in the evenings and it’s easier to drift off to sleep. There’s nothing better than starting each day with positivity and having plenty of time to prepare for work and the day ahead.

Write in a journal

Write in a journal

Our energy levels aren’t just a physical thing. Our minds and souls need re-charging too and writing in a journal is a wonderful way to do just that. I particularly love our new Exhausted To Energised Journal, which includes thought-provoking questions, activities and prompts to help you re-charge and refocus. Take just five minutes out of your day to embrace this nourishing habit and notice how little changes in your routine add up to a big difference in your life.

I hope these tips inspire you to make small changes for yourself and your wellbeing. It’s amazing how having more energy can help to achieve more in all areas of your life!

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Start living a life of energy and wellbeing and discover our newest collection here.

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