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We love using the tips and advice in best selling author Cyril Peupion’s Want To Work Smarter & Live Better? It’s full of ideas and insights on living more productively and achieving more, helping you transform your whole life by working better. Get to know more about Cyril with his answers to our questions.

What’s something you’ve learned about changing work habits from the thousands of people you’ve worked with?
I would mention three key things if you want to change your work habits:

Be clear on your why – having a clear inbox, a well organised calendar or a clean desk is not a real why. Feeling less stressed, seeing a significant increase in your performance or spending more quality time with loved ones are some examples of what have been the real motivation of some of the people we have worked with. Before learning the how, be clear on your why.

Get started – As General Platon would say ‘a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week’. Learning best practices is important, but doing / implementing straight away is the key.

Persist – habits don’t change overnight. There is an interesting survey which shows that it takes 21 days to change a habit. I don’t know if it’s 21 days, but I know it takes a few weeks of practising the new learned skills to transform them into habits.

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What’s one question you wish you had asked yourself when you were first starting out in your career?
What are your dreams, what would you want for your life if you could have anything you want, if you knew you could not fail?
What do you love so much that you would do for free?
What skills can you develop and grow to bring immense values to others, to change people’s life?

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How do you find work/life balance?
Clarity, planning, routine and discipline:
Absolute clarity of what is important for me, of what truly matters, of what I want my life to be.
Planning to make sure I protect time for what is important.
Discipline every day to avoid being distracted by noises and urgency and protect my time for what is important.
Routines to make sure I do every day the little things which count.

What’s the one stationery item you can’t live without?
My mini notepad – I always want to have it with me to capture both things I need to do and all sorts of ideas. At the end of every day I use it to reflect on my day and how I can improve.

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