Inspire Yourself with a Hello Yellow Vision Board

If you’ve got a dream, having a Vision Board in your home or office is a beautiful way to motivate yourself to achieve it. Setting a visual representation of your dreams, goals and inspirations will help inspire you throughout the day. Any time you feel your mind wandering, simply look back to your Vision Board and embrace the great ideas that come from focusing on what you love.

You’ll need…

Set yourself a goal…

The first step to creating a beautiful Vision Board that is completely unique is to spend some time thinking about what is important to you. Spend a few days reflecting on the areas of your life you’d like to include. Perhaps you’re planning a big trip and want travel inspiration to help motivate you until you go. Or perhaps you’re working on a creative project and want to add inspiration images to help you visualise the completed look and feel of it.

Make it personal to you…

Now that you know what you want to include on your board, gather images, magazine cut outs, Quote Cards and more. Add these, along with photos of your loved ones, to make you smile every time you look at your Vision Board. Keep pinning as you go so that your board evolves over time.

Include photos on your Vision Board to motivate you daily

Stay organised…

Your board isn’t just for looking great; it can be a great organisational tool too. We’re huge fans of setting yourself daily priorities but why not write down your longer term tasks on our To Do List Pad and add these to your board? That way you’ll always be reminded of the overarching projects you need to keep working on and not get too distracted by day-to-day things. We also love using our Adhesive Notes to write down quick scribbles and reminders. These can simply be pulled off your board once they’re finished.

Feeling inspired to create a gorgeous Vision Board, get started here.

Don't forget to add a To Do List to your Vision Board to keep you on track


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