Ideas for Boosting your Everyday Creativity

Living a creative life and chasing your artistic goals can sometimes feel daunting. But the great thing is that creativity comes in so many different forms and the more you use, the more you’ll find you have! So whether you’re looking to pursue your dream career, write your first novel or simply expand your boundaries, there are a few simple techniques that are sure to help.

Do one thing each day

From writers to artists, there’s one thing every creative person has in common and that’s discipline and dedication to their craft. But it doesn’t necessarily come easily to even the experts. Incorporating creativity into your daily routine is an amazing way to get into a habit that will help you reach your dreams. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, set yourself a challenge to do one creative thing each day, whether you sketch on the bus or write just one sentence when you wake up in the morning. Before you know it, this creative practice will feel a natural part of your day.

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Have a vision

It all starts with an idea… or 5. To get somewhere amazing, start by brainstorming everything you’d like to achieve and writing them down in your Ideas Journal. Don’t put limits on yourself. No matter how wild and fantastical, write down every little dream that comes into your head. Keep going back and revising this list over time to improve focus and remind yourself that anything is possible.

Forget your boundaries

Maybe you’re a fantastic photographer but you’ve never written so much as a haiku. Why not test your boundaries and expand your horizons by trying out as many creative pursuits as possible? From taking an art class to joining an amateur dance group, there’s nothing you can’t do if you try. And getting out of your comfort zone and practicing a different activity will help you see the world in a completely new light.

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 Find inspiration everywhere

Inspiration really is all around. From your daily commute to your weekend brunch, try shutting off your digital devices, opening your eyes and taking in the beauty of everyday life. Our Go Offline & Be Inspired Book is a great tool to help you unplug and reconnect with others. Use the activities inside to inspire you to put down your phone and put yourself out there more. You’ll soon find you feel refreshed, revived and inspired to start your next creative project.

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Ideas to boost everyday creativity

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  1. I love every inspiration that can take your mind off things where you can take some time out of your day even waking up 30 minutes earlier to plan.

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