How to Write Beautiful & Meaningful Christmas Cards

As life-long stationery lovers, it’s no surprise that we love writing cards at Christmas. There’s something so special about reconnecting via pen and paper that will never be replaced by sending an email or a text. It’s the simple joy of sitting down to reflect on our feelings and then spreading this joy through the mail that means so much.

Of course, over the festive season, it always seems like there is so much else to do. That’s why we wanted to share a few tips and thought starters to inspire you to send more cards this Christmas!

Be inspired with our card writing tips

1. Start Early

We believe that early organisation is better organisation! Take the stress out of card writing by getting all of the tools you need as soon as possible. Pick out a couple of card packs, a good writing pen and stamps so you’re good to go. Don’t forget to gather updated addresses for your loved ones too!

2. Write in batches

Writing your cards should be a meaningful and enjoyable experience and that’s not going to happen if you’re rushing through them. Set aside a few evenings and leave yourself enough time to express yourself thoughtfully (with your best hand-writing)!

3. Get personal

Your friends and family will love reading a really personal message when they open their card. Share favourite memories from the past year, express your gratitude for the wonderful things they’ve done and make a plan to meet up again soon.

Be inspired with our card writing tips

4. Make it special

Why not make your Christmas Cards even more fun by adding personal touches that reflect your style? Perhaps you’d like to include a family photo, draw something or simply seal the envelope with a cute sticker. Little details have the most wonderful way of spreading festive cheer over the holidays.

We hope these easy tips inspire you to get started with your Christmas Cards! Be sure to check out our gorgeous new designs here.

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