How to Wrap your Gifts: Part 1

There’s something so special about beautifully wrapped gifts sitting under the tree. The excitement and anticipation of waiting to open each one brings so much joy. So this Christmas, why not embrace that special feeling by making your wrapping just as unique and beautiful as the gift itself?

Of course, we know that different styles suit different tastes, which is why we’re sharing 3 wrapping looks featuring our Traditional, Black and White, and Cute Christmas Collections. Be sure to keep checking back to watch each video in our series.

For now though, here’s part one…

You’ll need…

Wrapping Paper
Paper Lover’s Book
Glitter Tape
Gift Tags
Mouse Ornament

How to wrap your gifts Part 1

1. Mr Mouse
This adorable wrapping look is perfect for making your recipient smile. Plus they can enjoy keeping the ornament as a keepsake. All we did was wrap our Mouse Ornament with some Ribbon and finish with a sticker.


2. Foliage Fun
This look is simple yet classic. Add a sprig of seasonal foliage to your wrapped gift to bring a pop of freshness. Be sure to complete the look with a pretty Gift Tag.

How to wrap your gifts Part 1

3. Pop Up Scene
Be inspired to spread joy with this lovely 3D Christmas scene idea. We simply popped out shapes from our Paper Lover’s Book and used plain card and double sided tape to attach them to the top of the gift.

We hope these ideas inspire you to spread joy with your gifts. Don’t forget to share your ideas with #TheJoyOfChristmas. Our favourite posts each week will be getting a special treat!

Prefer a more minimal look? Discover our black and white wrapping ideas here.

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