How to Wrap your Gifts: Part 1

Few things capture the magic and anticipation of Christmas more than a beautifully wrapped gift sitting under the Christmas tree. It’s so much fun to take some time out, play some festive music and get creative with your wrapping. And once you’ve got your perfect tools, it’s so easy to come up with something unique and oh-so-special. To get you started, here are a few of our favourites.

 You’ll need…

Wrapping Paper
DIY Sticker Book
Paper Lover’s Book
Ribbon 3PK
Paper Twist String
Double Sided Tape

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Create a forest scene

Adding a 3D touch to your gifts really adds some wow factor. Simply wrap your gift with our double sided Wrapping Paper. Next cut a strip of plain white paper that will wrap the whole way around the gift. Take some tree stickers from your DIY Sticker Book and place in a line, leaving some space on the paper to fold back on itself. Carefully cut around the tops of the stickers and fold the top of the sheet over to create the 3D effect. Finish by sticking down with some tape and adding some gold Ribbon.

Gift wrapping idea for Christmas

Add a sprinkle of holly

If you have a gift that sits vertically, adding a special touch at the top will really add some fun. Wrap your gift so that the folds sit at the top, then simply pop out some holly and a tag from the Paper Lover’s Book to finish.

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Layer your Wrapping Paper

Our beautiful double sided Wrapping Paper makes it so easy to layer your design. Simply wrap your gift and add a strip of the contrasting design. Finish by hole punching a tag from the Paper Lover’s Book and finishing with Twist String.

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