How to use your Wellness Planner

A fresh new year is the perfect time to shake up your routine and start making those little changes that make a big difference every day. To help you on your way, we’re showing you how to set up, decorate and use your Wellness Planner to achieve all of your goals.

You’ll need…
Textured Leather Wellness Planner
Paper Lover’s Book
Glitter Tape
Decoration Kit
Adhesive Dots
Weekly Habits Pad
Individual Quote Card

 Inspire yourself everyday

Giving yourself a little motivation to keep going is such a great way to ensure you stick to your plans. Make the inside of your Planner beautiful by adding stickers, a bow and a tag from your Inspiration Paper Lover’s Book. Then use the Weekly Good Habits Pad included in your Planner to show an overview of your progress so far.

Schedule in your exercise plans

Being prepared for the week ahead is a great first step to better health and wellbeing. As well as your meetings and appointments, why not add exercise plans and time to shop for healthy groceries into your calendar? Glitter tape and stickers and tags from your Paper Lover’s Book will help make the pages beautiful so you enjoy using them every day. You can also add reminders like Do yoga every day to help you stick to your goals.

How to use your kikki.K Wellness Planner

Plan out your day

Your gorgeous Wellness Planner includes a ‘My Day’ section where you can write down all of your to dos, priorities, weekly goals, rewards, meals and exercise plans. Create a page marker using an Individual Quote Card and a tag from the Decoration Kit to help you keep your place.

Store little tags and cut outs

You divider tabs are the perfect place to store little everyday notes and tags. Create an envelope from your Paper Lover’s Book, assemble with Glitter Tape and decorate with an inspiring sticker. Then use stickers from the book to create mini bunting to match.

 Track your nutrition goals

The ‘Meal Planner’ section is great for helping you track your nutrition by being more aware of what you’re eating each day. Check in each day and inspire yourself by making a cute page marker with a tag and sticker from the Decoration Kit.

We hope you enjoy using your new Wellness Planner. Check back soon for our guide to using the Wellness Diary.

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