How to use your Wellness Planner

We believe there’s something so powerful about keeping track of your goals, inspirations and daily habits by putting pen to paper. Do just that with our gorgeous new Wellness PlannerWith tabbed sections for weekly reflection, your day, nutrition, stickers and more, it’s perfect for creating a customised wellness tool. Watch our video below and be inspired to get started.

You’ll need…

Wellness Planner
DIY Sticker Book
Paper Lover’s Book
Quote Card Set
Inspiration Kit
Sticker Sheet
Everyday Gel Pen
Letters to Myself
Inspiration Box

How to use our new Wellness Planner

Start by Tracking your Good Habits

It’s the little things we do everyday that make the biggest impact on our lives. Be inspired to track your good habits with your Weekly Good Habits Pad, which is included in your Wellness Planner.

Store your Positive Affirmations

From writing a Letter to Yourself to choosing your favourite Quote Card, add your favourite motivational items into the front of your planner. These will be so powerful in helping to lift you up when you need a little daily inspiration.

Explore our new Wellness Planner

Add your Fitness and Exercise Goals

Use your calendar pages to add in exercise sessions, just as you would for meetings and appointments. That way you can ensure you’re hitting enough sessions each week to achieve your goals. We used a Weekly Goals sheet from our Paper Lover’s Book to write these down too.

How to use your Wellness Planner

Create a Cute DIY Page Marker

We folded a sheet from our Paper Lover’s Book into three and hole punched to create a cute daily page marker. This is perfect for guiding you to your daily reflection pages.

How are you using your Wellness Planner? Be sure to let us know in the comments or share your posts on social media with #kikkiKPlannerLove.

Discover our Wellness Planner here. 

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