How to use your kikki.K Planner to help you study

It’s so important whether you are in university or school that you have the right tools to help you study. Being able to see all of your assignments and exam dates at a glance will help you better manage your time and prioritise each task. Our Cute Fabric Time Planner is the perfect tool to help you keep all of your important information to hand. Here are our tips to decorating and getting organised with yours. Watch our video below.

What you’ll need:
Cute Time Planner
Paper Lover’s Book
Puffy Stickers
Planner Dashboard Kit
Mini Stationery Kit
Vision Board Kit
Printed Paper Tape
Glitter Tape
Printed Notepad

Store your craft supplies in this kikki.K DIY Organiser Board

Set up your study area

We love keeping our craft supplies in our DIY Organiser Board and hanging this above our desk to keep everything to hand.

Create your own paper bunting to decorate the front cover of your kikki.K Planner

Decorate the front cover

Add a bright and fun style to the front of your Planner by creating your own bunting. Cut two lengths of twine and using our Printed Tape, cut five equal lengths and attach. Cut out into a flag shape and repeat using the second length of twine. Make sure you mix up the colours using all four styles of our Printed Tape.

Next rip out a page from our Printed Notepad, fold in half and add Glitter Tape to the edge. This will now provide a divider for your front pocket, where you can add all your odd pieces of paper. Clip in a cute watermelon and tag from your Paper Lover’s Book. Finish by using the Plastic Folder from your Dashboard Kit to store Quote Cards.

Set up your Calendar pages and organise your kikki.K Planner

Organise your Calendar Pages

Colour coding your homework assignments and to dos is a great way to stay on top of different tasks. Create a key by wrapping a Quote Card from the Dashboard Kit with a piece of Printed Notepaper. Label with stickers from the Paper Lover’s Book and add your colour key. Now use Adhesive Notes and Printed Tape to fill in your dates and decorate with Puffy Stickers.

Customise your Planner Calender pages

For your Weekly View, you can add more details for each day, for example any personal appointments or reminders. Decorate your pages using Printed Notepaper, Printed Tape and Stickers from your Paper Lover’s Book. You can even create a little tag by cutting out Printed Notepaper for any important tasks you want to be reminded of. Use the One Hole Punch from your Stationery Kit to attach.

Create a DIY Paper Folder for your kikki.K Planner

Add a pocket for handouts

Create this easy DIY Pocket with a piece of Patterned Paper from your Paper Lover’s Book. Simply fold in the outer edges, tucking in the corners and fixing in place with Adhesive Dots. Then fold up the bottom edge, doing the same with the corners. Decorate with Stickers from the Paper Lover’s Book and hole punch to put in place. Now you can use this folder to store any homework assignments or handouts from class.

Organise your to do list with this To Do List Pad

Organise your To Do List

Our A5 Tabbed To Do List Pad is perfect for splitting up your tasks by priority. Add your most pressing tasks to the ‘Now’ tab and list any less urgent tasks in ‘Later’ or ‘Someday’. Pull out one of each tab and use it to manage your To Dos, referencing notes from your Planner as you go.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to take control of your studies using our Cute Time Planner. Make sure you show how you style yours with #kikkiKPlannerLove on Instagram or Twitter.

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    1. Hi Kemi,

      Thanks for your question. We’re not currently planning on releasing a Personal Planner in this style but will pass your request on to our team. 🙂

  1. I would love to see a set of colouring pages for the planners. At the moment I’m printing my own, but it would be great to just have a few pages in my planner for colouring on the bus.

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