How to use your 2022 Family Calendar: The Ultimate Tool for Organising Your Busy Household.

If there’s one thing we’re serious about at kikki.K, it’s helping you and your loved ones live your best life, every single day. We know life can get full and even a little chaotic sometimes, especially with multiple household members juggling multiple bookings, events, deadlines and more. Which is why we bring you our much-loved Family Wall Calendars each year, to help you stay on top of all the competing events in your calendar.

Here are our top tips on how to use our 2022 Family Calendar to help you all stay on track – and remember, it’s also perfect for dividing up your own life into different categories on one handy view. So, even if you don’t use it as a Family Calendar, it’s perfect for helping you stay organised in beautiful kikki.K style. 

  • Allocate each family member a column 

Simply designate each family member a column by including a name across the top cells and schedule in each person’s activities and commitments in the vertical columns next to each date. Also perfect for dividing up school subjects or areas of your life instead of family members’ commitments.

  • Write down special occasions or dates

The Birthdays column is where you’ll keep tabs on important celebrations, so you don’t miss any special occasions, and it’s also a great way to give children (and adults!) a fun way to count down. Never miss a birthday again!

  • Use the handy Stickers included!

Make key dates pop with the beautiful and functional stickers included. Use them to categorise your reminders, or as a way to keep family member excited for certain tasks. At the start of each month, take your time to add in all the important dates and add emphasis with gorgeous stickers covering everything from exercise to due dates, lunches, dinners, party time and more!

  • Get everyone involved

Give responsibility and accountability to all (even younger family members) as a way to introduce scheduling and organising in a fun way. Getting everyone involved can help teach little ones the importance of organisation skills as well as keep everyone happy and stress-free.

  • Find the perfect place to display your Calendar

Hang your Family Calendar somewhere central so everyone has clear visibility. On the back of the pantry, or in a space where the children get prepared for their day at school are both good options. Pop it somewhere everyone can see and add to it so you can avoid those annoying calendar clashes going forward!

There truly is no better feeling than when the whole family is organised and everyone pitches in to make the household run smoothly. So, make 2022 your year of organisation and make the Family Calendar your central organisation tool to stay on track.

We know that keeping tabs on the whole household is no easy feat. Between school, work and extra-curricular activities, we’re all as busy as we’ve ever been. Our iconic Family Calendars are the perfect way to help you stay on track with a clear overview of monthly schedules for multiple family members (even the furry ones!). 

And remember, it’s also perfect for housemates to use in a share-house for keeping tabs of comings and goings, or even sharing chores and dividing out housework fairly! 

Shop our 2022 Family Calendars now and enjoy the feeling an organised life brings. Or, why not treat someone to the ultimate in organisation this Christmas with our Family Wall Calendar Gift Pack? Featuring our much-loved Family Calendar as well as a 5-Pack of Fineliner Pens and a mini A6 Planner Pad, it’s the perfect gift for any family!

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