How to use our New Grid Journal

If you love creating your own organising system, this Grid Journal is perfect. Use the grid layout to create to-do lists, trackers and modules to organise your days. Write, sketch, and create whatever you want accurately and neatly plus use the contents pages to easily reference your work.

To inspire to get started, we wanted to show some of our favourite customisation ideas…

Create your Index Pages

Your Grid Journal comes with an index page, which makes it super easy to keep track of all of your customised sections. Spend some time creating a system that makes sense for your life, then add page numbers and descriptions to the index.

Bullet Journal Ideas | kikki.K

How to create a Bullet Journal

Dream Big with a Bucket List

We love keeping a Bucket List to write down all of our dreams, big and small. Why not create a Bucket List tracker and add ideas to it over time?

How to use a Bullet Journal

Yearly Goals Chart

When you have big goals, it can be so helpful to write them down. This cute tracker makes it easy to map out your milestones for the year. Be sure to add a mix of personal, work and family goals.

Bullet Journal Ideas |kikki.K

Monthly Pages

The best thing about this Grid Journal is that you can create whatever sections and pages you like! Start with a monthly calendar, then add in gratitude lists, happy moments, affirmations and more.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create a customised planner that works for your life. Get your Grid Journal here and share your ideas with #kikkiKLove.


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