How to Take Notes

There’s an art to note-taking. Being well prepared and able to take notes can do so much to set you up for success either in your career, at school or even in your personal life. Taking notes helps us to generate new ideas, retain information and remember important action points – after all even people with the best memories are unable to remember every single detail!

So whether you’re attending a business talk, a uni lecture or a meeting at work, why not try these simple techniques?

How to take notes

Take a notebook everywhere

You never know where inspiration will strike. Make sure you take a notebook and pen in your bag wherever you go so you’re able to write down facts and ideas as you come across them. You could try keeping a smaller notebook with you for on-the-go, copying down details into your planner or compendium later on.

How to take notes

 Create a system that works for you

Whether you prefer to colour code your notes or use symbols to highlight different categories, spend some time to think about what will work best for you. We love using a symbol to point out all the action points we definitely need to get to.

How to take notes

Be an active listener 

Although it’s great to allow the speaker to spark your own ideas, it’s important to stay focused and not let your mind wander. Make a quick note of any tangent ideas in your notebook and bring your focus back to the points at hand. You can always review your notes and come back to your own ideas once the talk or lecture has finished. After all, you’d hate to miss out on something important!

We hope these simple ideas inspire you to become a life-long note taker!

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