How to Style your Christmas Table

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative with your home styling. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas dinner or just a small get-together, discover everything you’ll need to make your days fun and festive with these simple ideas.


  1. Start with thick coloured paper and cut into a subtle and stylish table mat as a base for everything else.
  2. Add your favourite plate and cutlery
  3. Use our Ribbon and Mini Wrapping Kit to add a little gift box for each person, filling the box with festive treats or bon bons.
  4. Finish each setting with our Christmas Conversation Starters, which include fun and meaningful questions for everyone to answer – the perfect way to spark a meaningful conversation around what the holidays mean to you.
  5. Create gorgeous centrepieces using our Wooden Tree, Paper Trees, Instant Snow, Copper Wire Lights and Tealight Holders.

Styling ideas for your Christmas table

We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative with your table styling over the holidays. Discover our Christmas collection here.

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