How to set up your Vision Board

Sometimes visualising your goals is the best way to stay motivated. Maybe you have a creative project and want to lay out your ideas or you have a career or life goal you want to achieve.  Our Vision Boards are a beautiful way to turn your desk into a creative space that helps you be more productive. By reminding yourself of why you started and where you want to go, you’ll be encouraged every time you look up. To get you started, here’s our guide to setting out yours using our Mountains collection.

Inspire Yourself

The style and feel of your work space can have a huge impact on your mood. Adding motivational quotes is a great way to help get yourself into a positive mind-set. Our Mountains Vision Board Kit features cute and colourful quotes alongside gorgeous geometric prints inspired by the Swedish mountains. Pin or stick them to your board to bring a sense of fun and adventure while you work.

Get Specific

Whether you’re working on a creative project, as assignment or a business plan, adding specific prompts and To Do lists to your board will help keep you on track. Think about the main points you need to work towards and write these down so you don’t forget. These could be anything from the structure of your business plan to plot points for your next novel. Stay on track by looking over these each day. And every time you have a new idea, write it down and stick it to your Vision Board so you won’t forget.

Make it personal

Fill your board with pictures and mementos to remind yourself of the people, places and memories you love best. Why not add some Instagram Prints from your travels or from special occasions like birthdays and weddings? Having a visual reminder of the good times will help you stay positive and calm no matter how busy you get. Then add pretty features like DIY bunting, postcards, stickers or anything else that makes you happy. It’s all about making a space that reflects your passions and is completely unique to you.

What you’ll need:

  • Vision Board
  • Mountains Vision Board Kit
  • Mountains Paperbook
  • Instagram Prints

If you’ve got any Vision Board tips, we’d love for you to share them in the comments.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to string up some bunting on my vision board and it just keeps falling off, that that’s with just the string and no weight on it! Any tips?



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