How to Set Up Your Perfect Study Space

Whether you’re about to start a new school year or you’re simply looking for ways to work more productively, your environment has such a huge part to play in your overall success. Having somewhere that is set up perfectly for you really helps you get into the right mind-set. Create a desk space filled with positivity and style with these fun ideas.

How to Set Up Your Perfect Study Space

You’ll need…

To Do List Pad
Karlsson Desk Clock
Black & White Desk Calendar
Notepad Cube
Wooden In Tray
Lever Arch Binder

How to Set Up Your Perfect Study Space

Keep your To Do List in sight…

Having your list of tasks clearly in front of you is a great way to provide direction during the day. There’s no way to hide from assignment deadlines if they’re posted at eye level. Use our Magnetic Whiteboard and Notepad Cube to display really important tasks and due dates; adding and removing as you go along. Then take note of your day-to-day smaller tasks with our To Do List Pad.

Banish your smart phone

It’s so hard to focus when constant notifications keep popping up on your phone or email. Make a rule that when you sit down to an assignment, you’ll keep your phone well out of reach and turn off email alerts on your computer. Our Karlsson Desk Clock is a great way to keep track of time without needing to check your phone. You can even set an alarm to go off after a specified time to give yourself regular breaks.

How to Set Up Your Perfect Study Space

Start a filing system

If you’ve got multiple classes to study for, it makes sense to split them out into different Folders and In Trays. Be smart about which papers you hold on to, having regular clear-outs so you keep just what you need. Each week, why not summarise your class notes, breaking them down into clear important bullet points and keep these in your folder? You’ll thank yourself when exam time comes around!

Inspire yourself with photos

We all need a little reminder of what we’re working towards sometimes. Print out travel, design or style inspiration to decorate your desk space and create an environment that really reflects you. We love mounting photos on Wrapping Paper as a super easy styling idea. That way you can easily swap them out to suit your mood.

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