How to Set Up your Perfect Desk

Whether you’re working at the office, setting up your own business from home or spending time on freelance projects, having the right workspace is the first step to achieving your goals. Having a desk that works for you will inspire and motivate you no matter what challenges you face. Clear up those piles of paper and start working more efficiently with these simple tips to setting up your desk.

You’ll need…

Storage Boxes
Magazine Holders
Lever Arch Folders
Pen Cup

How to Set Up your Perfect Desk

Make the most of your space

Whether it’s a desk in a hallway or a temporary space on your kitchen table, it’s so important to make the most of what you’ve got. Keep important documents or office accessories stored in boxes underneath your desk and make the most of any drawers or cubbyholes you can find. Make sure you label everything clearly so you can easily pull it out when you need it.

It’s all about the stationery

Why do pens, pencils and scissors seem to grow legs sometimes and wander off? A handy Pen Cup kept within arm’s distance means you won’t have to scramble around for things. Make sure you have your own stapler, hole punch, scissors, calculator and lots of pens so you’re never caught short.

Have a system

Avoid the clutter and make sure your desk is streamlined and efficient by implementing a simple filing system. Have an in-tray for all current documents, using page markers to highlight important ones. Then as soon as you’re done with something, file it away in a dedicated folder so you can come back to it later. Be ruthless with paperwork, keeping anything important out of sight in an Organiser Folder or in Boxes.

How to Set Up your Perfect Desk

Prepare for meetings

If you’re someone with lots of meetings, why not set up a ‘Meetings Folder’ where you keep any documents or print outs that you’ll need for the coming week? That way you can grab what you need when you’re in a hurry. Be sure to have a clear out each week so it includes only current projects. Everything else can be actioned and then filed away. Also every time you leave a meeting, be sure to spend 5 minutes going over your notes, writing any actions on a To Do List so you don’t forget.

Inspire yourself

You never know when inspiration will strike so be ready to save all your great ideas on the go. Keep a dedicated notebook on your desk that you use only for ideas and inspiration. A beautiful Vision Board Kit is a great way to brighten up your space too.

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