How to Set up your Desk – 3 Ways

No matter what you want to achieve this year, having the perfect desk set-up will help you achieve even the biggest goals. Our physical environments can do so much to affect our mood and productivity. That’s why we wanted to share three ideas for setting up your work space, each relating back to a specific goal!

3 Desk Ideas | Black Desk Look

1. For achieving great things

If you want to achieve greatness, you have to be willing ask questions and step outside your comfort zone. A life of your dreams can be made a reality but it takes hours of hard work, dedication and self-evaluation to get there.

Motivating tools like our Goals Journal and Bucket List Book will inspire you to dream big and put an action plan in place. The monochrome palette also oozes style and sophistication and will keep you calm and focused.

3 Desk Ideas | Pastel Desk Look

2. For living with greater energy

A fresh new year calls for a refreshed workspace. Soft pastels with a touch of bling will have you feeling energised all day. Discover the benefits that come from making your health and wellness a priority with our Exhausted To Energised Journal. Designed in collaboration with nutritional biochemist, author and speaker, Dr Libby Weaver, to be used alongside her book, Exhausted to Energized, discover tips, trackers and activities to help you live your best life.

Other pieces from our new collection will also help you approach each day with boundless energy and positivity. Set priorities and find balance with our Daily Notes Pad and boost your confidence levels with Weekly Affirmation Cards.

3 Desk Looks | Cute Desk for Students

3. For students

Great organising and note-taking skills are essential to learning. There is so much you can do to set yourself up for success this school year. Ensure you have a notebook for each school subject and learn to listen actively,  taking clear, concise notes while doing so.

Get into the habit of setting priorities each week and make the most of every hour of study. Our Study Planner is perfect for helping you keep track of deadlines, manage your schedule and set goals for the school year.

We hope these ideas help you set up the perfect work space for your life. Be sure to share your ideas with #kikkiKLove.

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