How to Set up your Desk

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. A desk that is filled with paperwork is only a distraction, whereas one that is clean, simple and stylish will help you to work more effectively. Have you ever taken a moment to assess the effectiveness of your workspace? Be inspired to do just that, as well as implement a few simple filing methods with our how-to video.

We used…

A4 Wire Tray
Magazine Holder
Work Smarter: Live Better Journal
Stepfile Organiser
Manilla Folders
Metal Dalahast

Be inspired to set up your desk with these tips

What we did…

1. Think about your role – start out by thinking about each area and responsibility of your role. Then create a folder for each of these sub-areas.

2. De-clutter – next get rid of excess paper work. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you’re no longer working on or won’t need to reference. Consider creating soft copies of files you still need.

3. Set up an in-tray – keep only current files and anything still a work in progress in your in-tray.

4. Have a place for everything – map out where you’ll store each file, as well as any inspirations and reference documents. Keep a visual guide so you can always find things in a hurry.

Be inspired to set up your desk with these tips

We hope these tips help you to set up a workspace you love. Discover more Desk Accessories here. 

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