How to Set Up A Vision Board

What have you been dreaming of achieving? Why not make 2017 the year you start turning your dreams into a reality? Having a clear vision and purpose are the key to unlocking our ambitions. Plus having these represented on our Vision Board is sure to guide and motivate us along the way.

To celebrate the start of a beautiful new year, we thought we’d share some of our tips to help you set up your Vision Board for the year ahead.

 You’ll need…

Vision Board
Vision Board Kit
Resolutions Postcard
Push Pins

How to set up your Vision Board

1.Focus on what’s important to you –  what’s just as important as vision is knowing why you want to achieve your vision.  It’s what drives us to jump out of bed each morning and work towards this vision. Whether it’s pictures of your family, travel photography, or fitness inspiration, add images to your board that will inspire you to stick to your goals.

2.Set achievable goals – When setting goals, try to be as accurate and clear as possible, giving yourself deadlines too. We love using our New Year’s Resolutions Postcard  so that our goals for the year ahead are right there for us to keep checking in on.

How to set your New year's Resolutions

3.Remember to enjoy the little things – While it’s great to have a grand vision, it’s often the little things that make life so amazing. So why not, write a list of all the little things you love and add them to your board? Then commit to doing them at least once a week to reenergise you.

4. Get Creative – your Vision Board is meant to inspire and motivate you each time you see it. So be sure to add little design details that will do just that. From cute cut outs to inspiring quotes, add features that reflect your life and loves.

How to set up your Vision Board

We hope these tips inspire you to get started. Let us know what you’re going to add to your Vision Board this year in the comments.

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